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Nov 2, 2021

Jill Roberts of Woodsboro, a girl who has lifted all of our spirits tonight. An American hero, right out of the movies.” Arguably, Jill Roberts may be the most shocking killer ever to be revealed from beneath the Ghostface costume. She also boasts a motive that was ahead of the time of “Scream 4,” which only increases her longevity as a icon in horror circles. Join Ryan and guest Zach Gilbert to discuss the “Scream 4” killers, Jill and her accomplice, Charlie Walker.


  • Get to Know the Guest 
  • Charlie’s Characterization
    • The Obvious Guy
    • Obsessed Movie Nerd (Recycled Idea)
    • Lust with Kirby and Jill
  • Emma Roberts’s Career
  • Jill Before the Finale
  • Jill After the Finale
  • Social Media Culture
  • Hospital Sequence
  • Self-Mutilation 
  • Scream Speed Round with the Guest

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